Lancome Skincare Brings a Touch of Paris Home

Lancôme has given women from around the world the opportunity to experience a touch of Paris in their skin care, fragrance and make-up regimens for over 70 years. Lancôme’s skincare is both elegant and cutting edge while maintaining a high standard of quality. Customers tend to be very loyal to Lancôme’s skincare products, probably due to both the way using the products makes them feel (glamorous and refined) and the results they achieve. Few skin care companies have been in business this long and yet continue to produce cutting edge technology for their skin care products.

What’s new at Lancôme?

Lancôme’s newest skin care release is High Résolution Collaser-5X(TM). This is an anti-wrinkle serum that rivals any of the other top luxury products. Lancôme has formulated this latest release with rice peptides and alfalfa extract which they claim has proven to show dramatic results in laboratory testing. According to the tests, new collagen is produced in the skin in just a couple of days. That is the beauty of using peptides, they actually help “remind” the skin to produce its own collagen again which is a healthy alternative to having animal collagen injected into the skin in a dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office. While the results are not meant to be as dramatic as surgical procedures, you can definitely tell a difference in the smoothness and tone of the skin after 2 days.

It comes in an eye serum, too!

Of course the High Résolution Collaser-5X(TM) serum is for the face, but what about the delicate skin around the eyes? Lancôme has thought of that, too. They have updated and re-released the High Résolution Collaser-5X(TM) Intense Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum to provide the same collagen stimulating benefits as the face serum. The eye serum also contains rice peptides and alfalfa extract, but in a base that is specifically formulated for the smaller pore size and more delicate skin around the eyes. The eyes are much more prone to premature wrinkling because of their delicate nature and this product makes perfect sense for anyone trying to turn back the clock and achieve a younger look. Again, you should see results within just a couple of days and you can feel a difference almost immediately.

Other new introductions by Lancôme

Other recent releases by Lancôme include Absolue Ultimate BX Serum, which is a more intense serum for women who are a little older and may have more advanced signs of aging including slightly deeper wrinkles and age spots, as well as three new Primordiale products which are creams for the lips, eyes and a night cream. learn more The Primordiale products can be used over your serum and will further accentuate anti-aging benefits while adding moisture and increasing softness. As with many other Lancôme products, there is an elegant feel and scent to the products and you feel very rich and pampered when using them.


Even though Lancôme has been making skin care for over 70 years they still manage to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Their products are luxurious and effective and the latest releases including High Résolution Collaser-5X(TM) serums for both the face and eyes as well as the Primordiale collection are no exception.

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